Autumn Gold Driveway

The stone used here is our crushed and mixed 10mm coloured sand stone chip, the kerbs are oak railway sleepers.

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Burren Limestone Driveway

The stone we used here is our 10mm crushed limestone chip, this chip is available in 14mm and 20mm sizes also, the kerbs are regular concrete.

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Country Mix Driveway

This stone is from our round polished limestone and sandstone range, it comes in 10mm and 20mm for your driveway, the kerbs on this occasion are regular concrete.

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Donegal Gold Quartz Driveway

This crushed chip is from our gold quartz selection and comes in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes, the kerbs are regular concrete.

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Glenomra Mix Driveway

This is our bespoke sand chip mix, multi coloured sandstone, offered in 14mm size, the kerbing here is rounded concrete.

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Irish Georgian Mix Driveway

This georgian pebble can be sourced in both round polished shape and square sharp chip, it can be offered in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm, in this driveway it is 10mm size, the kerbs here are concrete.

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Italian Rose Mix Driveway

This makeover was tailored to complement the lovely warm rose plum sandstone on the house, here we fitted a rose coloured cut stone kerb with rose stone setts, the chip we mixed for this driveway also had rose plum characters in it.

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Kilkenny Black Chip Driveway

This chip is a washed black chip in 10mm, 14mm or 20mm format, the kerbing we installed here are oak railway sleepers, we also fitted the timber gates.

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Kinsale River Pebble Driveway

This stone is from our river pebble range, we can offer you this pebble in 10mm, 20mm and 30mm sizes, the kerbing here is walled sandstone, with a concrete yard at the rear.

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Victorian White Granite Driveway

This white cream chip can be sourced in 10mm and 14mm sizes, the cobble setts here are light sandstone tumbled.

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Wexford Sea Pebble Driveway

This chip is similar to that of the river pebble, the difference being, the shape is both crushed and polished, these stones are available in 20mm and 30mm sizes, the kerbs we used here are a limestone brick.

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Wicklow Brown Pebble Driveway

This pebble is brown and darker in appearance, the stone is round and polished, this stone comes in 10mm size, the kerbing here is metal banding.

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